Facebook groups monitoring for e-commerce

Facebook groups monitoring for e-commerce
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Facebook has over 2.70 billion active users every month. Every day, it counts 1.59 billion.
It is not only important for those who want to stay in touch with their friends. Facebook is an essential tool for businesses. It is a platform where you can promote your work,
find new potential customers, and boost brand awareness.

The importance of Facebook Groups

Groups are areas dedicated to specific topics, and there are both public and private ones. In the latter, anyone interested can request access. Once you have confirmed your login, you can ask questions, answer other users, or ask for advice. All groups have administrators and moderators who make sure conversations are respectful, both of other users and of the group's rules. For companies, it is also possible to request access to a group as a business, instead of using a personal profile. Facebook groups are an effective tool for connecting with people who have similar interests. And, for businesses, to connect with potential customers. The evidence is in the statistics. The total number of groups on the platform seems endless, but Facebook reports at least tens of millions. What’s for sure is that there are 1.8 million active users. The growth, in the spring of 2020 alone, was more than triple.
You have two options:
●  Create your own group dedicated to customers and followers
●  Become part of a group that already exists
Both options are ideal for promotion. But the second choice means not having to manage your own group. You can be 100% dedicated to your goals.

Dropshipping, what is it all about?

First of all, this is a concept applicable only to online shopping, e-commerce. It favors the company that acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the final customer. The supplier takes care of supplying the products and logistics. While the seller has the physical product in a warehouse, but only displays them on their e-commerce platform. Then, the supplier and the dropshipper have an agreement to be able to deliver the product to the customer. Yakkyofy helps dropshippers with logistics.

Yakkyofy: everything you need to know

Yakkyofy is an Italian company and it deals with dropshipping and wholesale, providing inventory services, order fulfillment and e-commerce creation to companies. By choosing Yakkyofy, you can:
●  Get quick quotes for products and shipments, thanks to the Chrome Extension
●  Create a customized product and packaging line
●  Thanks to Special Line, you can send goods to the USA or Europe in 3-12 days
●  Tracking numbers for safe and guaranteed delivery
●  Have several orders, and one shipment. This is Bundle's efficient and affordable service
●  Have the convenience of a virtual warehouse
These are just a few services provided by this company that offers free membership. Creating a profile on Yakkyofy isn't just free - it's also simple. After creating your account, you can immediately build your own online store. It is possible to both upload new products and connect the platform with other e-commerce, such as Shopify. The e-Wallet function allows you to automate the entire dropshipping process, making it fast and easy - shipping included. The platform's software allows you to find products supplied by Yakkyofy and import them into your online store. Also thanks to the software it is also possible to manage the warehouse, making sure to always have goods available. Taking inventory has never been easier.

Groouply and Yakkyofy, story of success

The dropshipping company has been using Facebook groups to raise awareness about its brand and work. Thanks to the interaction with customers and companies, the dropshipper can promote its services. If people in Facebook Groups related to e-commerce ask questions about online warehouses, or fulfillment, the Yakkofy team will receive a notification. This way, the team can talk to interesting prospects, telling them about their services. The Italian company also has its own group, “Dropshipping Tips and Tricks.” Here, people can clear doubts and talk directly to the team. Since it’s a private group, only people who are truly interested in the subject will join, so there won’t be any spamming. Monitoring Facebook groups is essential to find new clients and to create connections that go beyond the work. It's also a great way to talk to people directly, build long-lasting and trusting business relationships.

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Mike Rubini
Mike Rubini

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