Local Facebook groups lead generation

Local Facebook groups lead generation
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Companies use Groouply for two main use cases: reputation management and lead generation.
Today we are focusing on lead generation: joining relevant conversations where people are looking for recommendations.
For example, someone in a local group might be looking for a vendor to fix the AC in his/her home. Or, someone in an SEO group might be in search of a particular SEO tool.
If you are a HVAC vendor, or if you own an SEO tool, you could be joining those conversations in a timely manner to promote your services or solutions. We, at Groouply, help you do just that.
We notify you as soon as a relevant keyword for your business is mentioned in Facebook groups of your choice.

The importance of Facebook Groups

As of 2021, 1.8 billion users are a member of groups. Most of them are members of more than one digital community. Plus, the interesting data is that not even Facebook knows how many groups there are on the platform. They grow daily, at an impressive pace. Since they are a useful tool for both businesses and personal interests, Facebook groups grow rapidly.
Groups are areas dedicated to specific topics, and there are both public and private ones. In the latter, anyone interested can request access. Once you have confirmed your login, you can ask questions, answer other users, or ask for advice. All groups have administrators and moderators who make sure conversations are respectful, both of other users and of the group's rules.
For companies, it is also possible to request access to a group as a business, instead of using a personal profile. Facebook groups are an effective tool for connecting with people who have similar interests. And, for businesses, to connect with potential customers.

How to find fast-growing Facebook™ groups in your area or niche

You are in luck, we created a tool for this!
You can now search fast-growing Fb groups in your area or niche at https://groouply.com/search.
A list of the top fast-growing Fb groups is also available here.

The most surprising Facebook groups

Here are some surprising Fb groups.


Of course, only cat lovers are allowed. This is a private group, created in 2017, that adds over 1000 members weekly. People can share pictures and videos, which first have to go through the approval of a moderator. During the pandemic, many people adopted a pet. And it’s not a surprise that this group is growing. Here, users can share tips and their unconditional love.

Let’s Cook Kenyan Meals

With over 2 million members, this Facebook community adds 2,016 members per week on average. Born in 2013, it’s a very specific group. People can share recipes, ask for cooking advice, and share their pictures. It’s a good way to travel the world through food. After all, it’s not often someone gets a real Kenyan dinner.

Young Moms Forum

This is another popular Facebook group, with over 2 million members. Established in 2016, it has 10,000 news members weekly. And over 2000 new discussions monthly. This is a support group, in which women “come together to educate, train, pray, share ideas and experiences of motherhood, parenting, relationship, business, career, health and every other mutually related issues.” Indeed, a supportive community.

Feed Yourself for £1 a day

Without a doubt, cooking and food is a popular topic. People love to learn new recipes and to share their failures and successes. This specific digital community promotes frugal cooking. Plus, frugal shopping. The goal is to teach people how to live and cook with less. Both to respect the environment and to save wisely.

Disapproving Corgis

Created in 2013, this group already has over 1 million members. And it adds 1,427 members per week on average. Also, over 5,000 discussions monthly. So, it’s a lively community dedicated to the tiny, fun, and adorable corgi breed. Owners of these dogs post funny pictures of their pet, in a disapproving yet fun pose. An entertaining and supportive community, it competes with Purrtacular.

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