Facebook keyword alerts improvement for groups

Facebook keyword alerts improvement for groups
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Facebook is a popular social media platform for all of us. Nowadays, we cannot live without being on social media. Our regular activities are related to social media platforms. We mention everything in Facebook and create groups for relative discussions as well.
That's a huge marketing opportunities for brands.

Facebook's keyword alerts system

Last year, Facebook tested a keyword alert feature for its group feature. This Facebook keyword alert system it was, unfortunately, only for group admins. Admins found it very much essential. They manage and moderate a large number of group members. Maintain a large group on Facebook is a very complicated matter. So, this unique feature is very much helpful to maintain the group management and engagement of the groups. This is a very unique feature. It helps admins to manage easily the whole group and set up the Facebook group keyword alert for content in order to keep exact the regulation of the group. Apart from this, there are so many other facilities of Facebook keyword alert than simply making sure the group’s rules and regulations. The good use of a brand is more helpful to help their communities to serve well. This tool works like a magic for admins. Admins set up the keywords which they want to be notified at the comments and posts. This unique feature helps admins to eliminate the vulgar comments and contents as well. This also deletes the problematic conversations that are against the group rules and instructions as well.

Groouply's keyword alerts system

We created a Facebook group keyword alerts system that notifies you of discussions related to keywords that matter to you, even if you are not the admin of a group, but simply a member of the group. Our solution allows you to be efficient and effective with the response: consumers and potential customers want to get a speedy response from the business and brand. So, it is very much useful and essential to change the customer’s experience and give them the best and possible service. You can make the experience of the customer stronger than ever. You can set up a notification alert feature in your Facebook group. With this unique keyword feature, you can also set up a notification alert for the common questions related to products or services and create a support team that really becomes a marketing team. It can also help you to address them more quickly and prominently. You can also set up a different phase for the unhappy and unsatisfied customers and know their complaints about your offerings.

Who should use our Facebook group keyword alerts system

Facebook group marketing

If you are a marketer, you can get an email notification every time a keyword of your choice gets mentioned in Fb groups of their choice. You can get email notifications with all the relevant conversations they can engage with. We personally started Groouply for this reason. The problem we had was that we wanted to use Facebook groups for marketing but whenever we would post something on Facebook groups, it would feel spammy. On the other hand, we knew a lot of relevant conversations happen inside Facebook groups all the time, and we wanted to get involved in those. We were tired of checking Fb groups manually, and that's why we built Groouply.

Brand monitoring

If you are a brand, you can use Groouply to track posts mentioning their brand name inside Facebook groups. You can get email notifications with all the relevant posts they need to check out and interact on. You can set up the keywords that are solely related to your brand, product or the business. You then will be notified just after the post and the comments containining content related to your keywords. You can respond easily and participate in the discussion just after getting the notification alert. You can check easily which consumers mention your brand name and product mostly and you will not miss any kinds of important mentions.

Community and event managers

Communities use Groouply Facebook keyword alerts to display their groups activity on their websites. They can easily do that by creating a widget based on Groouply's API.Finally, event managers use Groouply to display groups activity during events.

As you can see, this feature will be very much helpful if you are trying to market on Facebook groups whether you are a marketer, brand, community or event manager. Our unique Facebook keyword alert feature ensures the relevant discussion related to your Facebook groups and brand or products. This will engage your prospects and help you in your marketing.

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Mike Rubini
Mike Rubini

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